Tuesday, September 15, 2009

buka pose

smlam g buka pose kat nurul ikan bakar ngn ramai org..hehe..best gile..mkn smp nk tdo la..sedap..g ngn shila, k.yats, izzah, rieza, ija, etty, yana, jel, nisha, xlp gak syazana..best la mkn ikan, sotong, kerang ang nasik..shila, thanks for the ride and also kueh..taun dpn wat lg..hehe..gmbr, xde la plak..hehe..ln kali la update gmbr..hehe..

misz wanNie

Sunday, September 6, 2009


today is the worst day..maybe i woke up at wrong side of the bed..late and late and late..waking up late..the bus late..ferry late..when sum all that, coming late to the office..hehe(sorry boss)..headache really stress me out due to my lateness..hehe..that all..happy fasting


Misz wanNie